Ultrasonic Clamp On Flow Meters for Industrial Applications

portable ultrasonic flow meter
Flow measurement on a 1" cooling water pipe on a injection mold machine

Precise and simple does not mean any contradiction. systec's clamp on ultrasonic flowmeter deltawaveC have a unique simple and logical Graphical User Interface. Even inexperienced users easily start up a the flow meter within several second, the mounting of the clamp-on ultrasonic transducers can be done within minutes (video) for both: the portable and the fixed flow meter type. Online help-texts make the use of the printed manual unnecessary for the majority of your daily tasks. The robust quickfix-mounting kit makes mounting of the sensor precise, fast and stable
hazardous area ultrasonic flow meter
portable ultrasonic flow meter carry case
nema ultrasonic flow meter
clamp on transducers for fixed installation

clamp-on-ultrasonic flow meter

deltawaveC Systec Controls is the brand new universal clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter for liquids in filled pipes. deltawaveC uses the highly accurate transit time method (time-of-flight) to measure the flow of liquids in pipes. Special advantage: The ultrasonic transducers are strapped to the outside of the pipe (clamp-on), cutting or drilling of the pipe is not necessary, pressure losses are not present.

deltawaveC-P - portable clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter

deltawaveC-P is the portable type of the clamp on flow meter family. It comes with handsome, accu-powered electropnics, including datalogger, USB-Interface, temperature inputs for energy metering and analogue and digital outputs. With only three different types clamp-on transducers it covers liquid pipe flow applications from 10mm (1/2") to 6.000mm (240"). The ultrasonic trasducers can be used for temperatures up to 160deg C which allows measurements not only of hot water but also thermal oils and other hydro carbons.  More deteails can be found here>>

clamp on flowmeter on cooling water pipe

Ultrasonic flow measurement on a power plant cooling water pipeline

deltawaveC-F - fixed type

deltawaveC-f is the fixed clamp-on flow meter of systec controls. It uses exactly the same measurement technology as the portable unit and the same unique simple graphical user interface. deltawaveC-F exists in a single and in a dual channel version and in an Eexd-Version for hazardous area applications. More details can be found here>>

flow metering portable on pennstock application

Efficiency measurement at a hydro power plant with deltawaveC-P flowmeter on a fiber reinforced water pipe with 0,5MHz clamp on transducers

systec controls is not only manufacturing clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters but also wetted transit time ultrasonic flow meters. THey are widely used for hydro power plants, open channels, rivers cooling water and many other applications. More information can be found here...

deltawave Brochure [ 4095 kB ]
Portable and fixed Ultrasonic Flow Meter deltawaveC-P

portable flowmeter spec [ 1752 kB ]
specifications of the portable ultrasonic flow meter deltawaveC-P

fixed flowmeter sepc [3923 kB]

specification of the fixed ultrasonic flow meter deltawaveC-F